Monday, June 23, 2008



troylloyd said...



KK said...

Skönt, mycket skönt.

troylloyd said...

tacksam o tusen tack!

troylloyd said...

Min knackiga svenska kommer
snart bli jättebra!
(hoppas jag)

KK said...

Jag även postade ditt underbara "ljljus" på sanaruno. Did you know that ljus means both light and candle på svenska? And, come to think of it, do you have any idea how to pronounce ljus? Say "use" and you got it.

troylloyd said...

thank you Karri.

you are lightNing bolt!

(the flash,the electricity)

i did not know that it also meant candle,

but i had heard the word vocalized before (i have some old langlearning swe. tapes i used to listen to whilst driving around),
so it works as it should -

as Geof Huth has dutifully & beautifully noted, that silent "gh" is the genius of
Saroyan's poem.

i just wish "ghost" wasn't
such the hard G,
i love "ghghost",
but i know it does not work.