Thursday, June 26, 2008



troylloyd said...



dunno if it works?


i'm honored you've
published my first
Swedish poem!

KK said...

Well, I dunno. Maybe I'll ask my living dictionary, Josefin! Perhaps without the second d? Anyway, it looks better than it sounds (well, you can't really say it aloud...)

Anyway, I myself think the Saroyanian "ljljus" is a masterpiece! But I'll run it by min dotter, just in case. OK?

mike cannell said...

great stuff.

troylloyd said...

heh heh

yes, maybe w/o the dubbel d

högljudd = loud sound

the only swenglish
addition is the "u"
for loud.

this is a fun exercise,
but quite difficult
to get right.